December 17th 2021

  • Site launch
  • Discord blitz
  • Marketing begins (no discord spam)
  • Whitelisting form
  • UNIFRN token creation

Pre-drop 1

  • Establish for DAO and future proposals
  • Deploy utility token for Unifriends gaming contracts

Drop 1- February 19th, 2022

  • Private/Whitelist mint (0.069420 ETH)
  • Public mint (0.1337 ETH)
  • Reveal post sell out or after 3 days to finish renderings

March-April 2022

  • Release referrals program for WL and Public mint ~04/19
  • Deploy UNIVRS utility token for unifriends gaming contracts
  • Release 'Hungry Unicorns' 2D rewards games w/ chain integration
  • Continue development on 3D 'Fall Guys' clone with Unifriends models
  • Public mint (04/19/2022)
  • Release more 2D blockchain adapted retro games
  • Release phase 1 of community chest to buy merch and WL w/ UNIVRS token
  • Establish NFT community chest from public mint

May-June 2022

  • Sell ERC1155 Unifriends shop items (UniBoost, UniPass) for $UNIVRS ecosystem (0.02 ETH per item)
  • Alpha/Beta testing UniKart 3D multiplayer game w/ Unihodlers
  • Create proof of concept UniKart racing mode
  • Unifriends drop 2 announcements and sneak peeks
  • Twitter x $UNIVRS engagement rewards program
  • Host weekly contests related to Hungry Unicorns
  • Host cross-community tournaments

July-August 2022

  • Begin UniAlpha Tools v1.0 development - Rarity rankings and collection indexing
  • UniKart 3D multiplayer game release v1.0

September-December 2022

  • TBD