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Meet the Team

Join discord to find more about us and even our mod team!
FYI: Our team is fully doxxed with several successful utility project/dApps under our belt

Scott Mitchell (sbmitchell.eth)

👋 Founder / Core Developer — 💌 [email protected] — 🇺🇸 East Coast
My Unifriend :)


Software Engineer for over a decade. Crypto trader, collector, and web3 developer for the past 5 years. Worked on and helped ICO LUN (Lunyr) back in 2016, took a break from the space but back in full force for NFTs and dApp development.

Brad Bergersen

👋 Co-Founder / Marketing / Visionary — 💌 [email protected] — 🇺🇸 East Coast


Serial entrepreneur with a background in the fine jewelry and tech industries. He’s the founder and ceo of a revolutionary influencer marketing social media platform called AG. He is the visionary behind Unifriends

Damien Perez AKA DÆZ

👋 3D Artist and Designer — 🇺🇸 East Coast


Visual designer for past 5 years, worked with multiple tech startups including recent successful NFT project @TOCNFT. Avid NFT collector and enthusiast.
Projects:The Owners Club