Digital Arcade / Community Chest

The foundation of our digital arcade
The Community Chest is a utility oriented NFT fund to grow the gaming ecosystem within the Unifriends community. The Community Chest will have the capability to withdraw NFT assets based on owning the UNIVRS token. Imagine playing games and after accuring enough UNIVRS token be able to withdraw a blue chip NFT. The NFTs within the community chest will be bought based on a DAO vote.
How do we fund the community chest?
When the public mint sells out, we will allocate 10-20% of the mint funds into the community chest purchases. The exact amount allocated will be dependent on a DAO proposal.
100% of secondary sales will go to the community treasury and a percentage of that, dependent on a DAO vote, will go to sponsoring the community chest moving forward.
Our project will aim to build a monetary feedback loop to fund the community chest. The way we will accomplish this is by monetizing our blockchain 2D/3D games with other NFT communities that do not have utility. We will either have a one time fixed fee model to have access to our system or we will offer a subscription modeled service. The funds will just be immediately reinvested into the community chest. The community chest is also technically owned by the entire community as well in case there is some need to liquidate.