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An alpha oriented tool for the masses. Our "alfa" tool allows for project trend discovery, deep-dive analytics, crowdsourced analysis, optimized and scheduled minting, and hot wallet mint management.


The suite of tools that takes care of all your degen needs.

Discover (Web app / Google extension)

Mint calendar
Indexing and metrics
Wallet holder network graph
Trait Rarity analysis
Trending project discovery
Deep-dive analytics
Project discussion board and crowdsourced state tags (e.g, staking, supply shock, airdrops)
Customizable alerts w/ email or desktop notifications

Trading (Desktop app)

Mint calendar
Batch Buy (Sweeping)
Mass-bidding via OpenSea API
Scheduled minting
On-contract minting w/ ABI loading
Contract real time feed display
Dedicated minting node
Customizable alerts w/ email or desktop notifications

Wallet management (Desktop app)

Dynamic minting hot wallets
"Tax-saving wallet" with USDC stablecoin yield farming via Circle